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Property Management

Our Security Officers far exceed industry standards.

Over the last 25 years, Arrow Security, Inc. has built a reputation of excellence among Valley businesses. We are locally owned and operated and specialize in hiring security professionals to service the unique needs of property managers. When you hire a security guard from Arrow Security, you get more than just a friendly, courteous officer who makes your premises safer and more pleasant. You get a highly trained, licensed and experienced security officer who can protect your personal safety and your property. You get a fast-thinking and quick-acting private security guard who knows how to respond to an emergency. You get an officer whose presence alone deters criminals and troublemakers.

GPS Equipped. Global Positioning System Daily activity reports

That’s right GPS. Arrow Security, Inc. is going High Tech. Our custom designed app for Daily Activity reports allows us to get a precise location on our officers as they complete their nightly reports. There will be no question the officer was on your property. This system in conjunction with supervisor site inspections and other checks and balances virtually guarantees effectiveness.

For more information and a FREE on-site Security Consultation and quote, please call (602) 863-1022.

“Our professionals make the difference.”
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