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HOA Security

Specially trained Security Officers for the demands of an H.O.A.

We understand the very complex responsibilities of a H.O.A. and train our officers accordingly.

Association Responsibilities

  • Maintain, protect, and enhance the value of the community.

  • Govern the association in accordance with federal and state laws.

  • Provide an information package to new homebuyers.

  • Publish the names and addresses of all association officers and directors.

  • Hold regular board meetings and an annual meeting.

  • Provide an opportunity for resident participation in a ‘homeowner’s forum’ at each board meeting.

  • Inform residents of annual assessments and special assessments.

  • Provide an annual income statement and balance sheet to all owners.

  • Provide a statement upon request by a resident.

  • Enforce the restrictive covenants and other governing documents in a fair and consistent manner.

  • Conduct meetings in accordance with specific guidelines.

For more information and a FREE on-site Security Consultation and quote, please call (602) 863-1022.

“Our professionals make the difference.”
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