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Contract Security

Safeguard your premises with 24/7 private security from Arrow Security.

Police are excellent protectors for homes, private communities and Retail Shopping Centers. However, relying on public security may not be enough. A police officer cannot be available to guard your entire premises on a constant basis, and other calls and crimes may take precedence. This is why many companies and business owners turn to private security to handle their 24-hour security needs. A private security company can guard your premises day and night, and work with the police to make sure that you are not subject to vandalism or break-ins. In the event of an emergency, a private security company will ensure an immediate response. Arrow Security is the leader in professional private security. With Arrow Security guarding your premises, burglaries and vandalism will be a thing of the past. Arrow Security will establish a powerful presence at your facility, making sure that thieves are stopped in their tracks. Criminals will see that your business, retail shopping center, or community, is guarded by a professional private security company that knows how to keep them out. With private security, you can make sure that your facility is under constant surveillance and establish a strong security presence. Arrow Security officers are professionally trained for expert crime prevention. Our officers routinely guard gated communities, keeping residents and their valuables safe at night. We offer residential patrols to cover an entire gated community, making sure every home is protected.

Arrow Security is ready, willing, and fully capable to handle your private security needs. With Arrow Security in charge of your security operation, your communities, shopping centers, and office buildings will be safer, day and night.

For more information on our private security services, contact Arrow Security, Inc. today. For a FREE on-site Security Consultation and quote, please call (602) 863-1022.

“Our professionals make the difference.”
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