Dear Arrow Security Staff,

This is Don Reddy, CEO of Arrow.

We are very fortunate to have been designated by the Governor’s office as an “Essential Business”.  This means we get to keep working and providing a vital service to our customers and community. For many of these companies, we are their last line of defense. That means without us, their buildings, facilities, factories etc. would be vulnerable. Imagine if the Governor deemed Arrow as non-essential, we would lose all our customers and we would all be of out of work.


Please know we will get through this better and stronger.

So, for us to do that we need to, be very mindful of our surroundings and maintain a clean work space. I’m sure most of you are already taking precautions by keeping your workspaces clean and washing your hands regularly with either soap and water or hand sanitizer. I want to offer an incentive to do this regularly; whatever you have spent on these items (gloves, masks, hand sanitizer etc.) I want to pick up that tab. It is very important for us as essential business staff to remain healthy for the good of the community.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you during this unprecedented time.


We are working on a bonus/thank you incentive over the next few months because we are anticipating your resolve and strength and want to reward you for your continued hard work and dedication.

Some of you may have heard about a letter that some are required to carry in order to go to and from work.  Some businesses, such as Amazon, G4S, Target and others have issued these letters to employees.  In certain States, this is required.  Currently in Arizona this is not required.  If such a letter should be mandated by the State of Arizona, you will all be issued one.