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Arrow Security Staff,


First of all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. I want to thank those of you who have gone the extra mile this past year covering shifts, doing extra, and providing a great service to our customers.

2021 was much like 2020, hard and unpredictable. I am hopeful 2022 will be the turn around and moving forward year for us all.

I want to extend some holiday cheer, for the next 2 paydays (thru end of year) feel free to come into the store any day of the week and pick out some select products for FREE to either keep or give away. Also, any other item (firearms, Vests anything) is 20% off and we will take it out of your checks over a period of pay runs.

I wish I could have given out Christmas bonuses (via cash) this year but as we close out a really hard year there isn’t much left over, mainly due to the massive amount of overtime we paid out in 2021. From covid to just earning a day/burn a day mentality we managed to have over 8% in payroll overtime. That is what puts companies out of business.

This brings me to my next topic ----PAY RAISES are coming………..Yes that’s right, pay rate increases are heading your way. That means we will also be asking our customers for more money to accommodate this, that also means they will expect more from us and expect less problems on their property………………. Lets show them we are worth it……………

It is our intention to be one of the highest paying Security Guard Companies in Arizona, so we can attract the best personnel available.

All this will begin next pay run leading into January over the next few payrolls. It will be tricky rolling out but if we all work together, we can make it work.

The rate raising to our customers needs to be just enough to cover the new payroll but not too much to make them want to let us go and find cheaper or forgo security all together.

This is what I need from you       1. Show the customer we are worth it, go the extra mile.

                                                      2. Limit call offs to only absolutely necessary.

                                                      3. If you do have a call off expect to make up that shift sometime during the pay period or make arrangements to swap a shift with another staff member. The idea is to eliminate Over Time.

If we can do this the plan will work.


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